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Money Moves: Start Up Financial Workbook  is a comprehensive workbook designed to provide start-up entrepreneurs with practical guidance on all things finance-related. The workbook includes four essential categories that will help start-ups establish a solid financial foundation and grow their businesses successfully.


Key Categories:
Budgeting and Creating Financial Goals: By creating realistic budgets and financial goals, entrepreneurs can make informed financial decisions aligned with their business objectives. The workbook provides guidance on budgeting concepts, cash flow management, and best practices for financial goal setting.

Pricing and Revenue Models: The workbook provides tips and guidance on pricing strategies and revenue models, allowing entrepreneurs to set prices that are attractive to customers yet profitable for the business. This section offers practical advice on how to identify and analyze market trends, develop compelling pricing strategies, and optimize revenue models.

Funding Your Start-Up: Funding is essential for start-ups to establish themselves successfully. The workbook offers an overview of funding sources such as crowdfunding, angel investors, and venture capital, along with tips on how to develop an effective fundraising strategy and pitch deck.

Forecasting and Tax Compliance: Financial forecasting is critical for business planning and financial management. The workbook covers forecasting techniques such as sales forecasting, expense forecasting, and profit forecasting. It also provides guidance on tax compliance, including tax planning, filing requirements, and strategies to minimize tax liabilities.



  • Develop realistic budgets and financial goals aligned with your business objectives
  • Create attractive pricing strategies and revenue models
  • Secure funding through crowdfunding, angel investors, and venture capital
  • Build financial forecasting and tax compliance skills to identify and mitigate risks


Money Moves: Start Up Financial Planner is an indispensable resource for entrepreneurs seeking to manage their start-up finances effectively. Its practical exercises and expert guidance help start-ups establish strong financial foundations by providing tools, strategies, and clear insights into financial management practices. With this workbook, entrepreneurs can gain the knowledge and skills necessary to grow their businesses and achieve long-term financial success.

Money Moves: Start Up Financial Workbook

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