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Our Services

"Explore the comprehensive suite of services offered by LIH Consulting—your partner in business growth and success. Our services range from Brand Development and Business Planning, to Social Media Management, Coaching, and Web Development. With a results-driven approach, we tailor-strategize to drive your business forward. Experience world-class business consulting delivered by industry leaders at LIH Consulting."


Business Plan Services

We empower minority women-led businesses by developing efficient and results-oriented business plan development services. Our expertise extends to strategic market research and sustainable business structuring, geared to align with your entrepreneurial aspirations while mitigating any business uncertainties you may encounter. We are committed to crafting financial models and growth strategies that drive success, catering uniquely to your business identity. With LIH Consulting, you gain a reliable partner focused on driving results and sustainable growth for your business.


Brand Strategy + Design

LIH Consulting offers customized Brand Strategy and Design Services to minority women-led small businesses. With a two-phase approach, we use brand psychology to connect strategy and design, establishing your brand's voice, persona, and more. We then generate high-quality, visually appealing brand assets, forging a compelling brand narrative that authentically represents your business and resonates with your target audience.


Product Packaging Design

LIH Consulting specializes in providing Product Packaging Design Services, targeting minority women-led cosmetic and eCommerce businesses. We stress the impact of standout packaging to enhance brand visibility and allure. Our creative experts construct unique, customer-focused packaging solutions that appeal to your audience. Join forces with LIH Consulting for designs that drive product appeal and ensure lasting customer relationships


Business Model Strategy

Our Business Model Strategy Services are crafted to foster innovation and growth for minority women-led small businesses. We prioritize creating actionable and purpose-driven strategies tailored to unlock your venture's potential. Our expert team integrates nine essential building blocks to create a comprehensive model that addresses every aspect of your business, thus mitigating potential risks. By collaborating with LIH Consulting, you will be equipped with a robust, strategic roadmap that propels your business to new heights while adhering to your unique aspirations.



Web Design and Development

LIH Consulting provides custom-tailored Web Design and Development Services for minority women-led small businesses. We develop user-friendly, visually striking websites to bolster your online brand presence. Our tech-savvy team adheres to cutting-edge trends, always centering on your business requirements and customer interaction. Partnering with us means professionally amplifying your digital footprint.


Content + Social Media Strategy

**LIH Consulting** offers focused Content and Social Media Strategy Services, shaping the success of minority women-led small businesses. We perceive your struggle with consistent online visibility and make it our mission to alleviate this concern. Our team formulates compelling content and stitching effective social media strategies that resonate with your target audience and boost engagement. With LIH Consulting, say goodbye to digital marketing anxieties and hello to a thriving online presence.

What Our Clients Say


Lisa B, Owner

The social media kit created for my brand is lit. Using the ideas from our brand board, Deanna created a kit to use for both of my platforms. This social media kit has made creating content much easier. It really represents what my brand is about."

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