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Since 2013, LIH (Life in Harmony) Consulting has been the premiere boutique advisory firm specializing in a modern, sustainable approach to business management consulting.

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LIH consulting offers exceptional, unparalleled brand strategy, business management consulting, and project management services for small businesses, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs. Our service delivery model emphasizes efficiency, sustainability, and affordability. We get the results you need in a way that is time-sensitive and cost-effective. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a new business owner, we have the tools, resources, and skills to help you start and grow your vision. 

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efficient, modern, sophisticated



As the founder of LIH Consulting, Deanna Marshall is the dynamic creator taking business management and brand strategy to the next level.
With experience in corporate structuring, business management, brand development, and project management Deanna has utilized her expertise to build a framework for venture start up and management that takes the guesswork out of creating innovative platforms ready to excel both now and in the future. 

With an educational background in business administration, women's entrepreneurship, project management and industrial psychology, Deanna's professional experiences span a wide variety of industries to include: Non-profit/Higher Education, Real Estate & Brokerage, Finance, Management Consulting, Early Child Hood Development, Food Serv. & Hospitality, Healthcare, Fitness, Holistic Wellness, Cosmetics/Skincare, Visual Arts, Public Relations, Information Technology, and Graphic Arts & Designs. 

Moreover, Deanna has extensive experience in planning and executing corporate events: workshops and training sessions, client engagement events, corporate receptions, executive retreats, team building events, business/product/project launch events, nonprofit fundraising events, and more.

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