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about Lih consulting

Established in 2013, LIH (Life in Harmony) Consulting is a distinguished boutique advisory firm, leading the way in contemporary, sustainable strategies for business management consulting. We pride ourselves on serving and fostering minority women-led ventures, empowering their growth and success in today's competitive landscape.

At LIH Consulting, our sole mission is to elevate creative and innovative minority women-led startups in the self-care, wellness, and eCommerce sectors.

We deeply comprehend the challenges you face - whether it's standing out in a saturated market, building a compelling brand, or devising a sustainable growth strategy. Our purpose is to alleviate these struggles. We take a deep dive into the very heart of your brand, crafting unique, strategic solutions that drive your business towards sustainable growth.

In our commitment to your success, we respect and acknowledge your potential - with an aim to see it flourish. We align your dynamic vision with robust business strategies that not only help you navigate the competitive marketplace but to distinguish and rise above it.

At LIH Consulting, your success is our ultimate goal, and we're fully invested in your journey. We don't merely advise, we partner with you in every step. Your vision, our strategic direction - together, we empower you to excel and grow.



Meet Deanna Marshall, The Heart of LIHC Operations: Pioneering Success for Female Entrepreneurs

At the core of LIHC operations is our dynamic founder, Deanna Marshall. She's more than a business lead - she's a champion for minority women entrepreneurs, committed to resolving the unique challenges they face. Her vibrant leadership illuminates every corner of our business, from Higher Ed/Nonprofit to Cosmetics, Real Estate, e-Commerce, Wellness, and more. Alongside her diverse, accomplished team, Deanna brings a world of industry insights to tailor solutions that fuel your dreams into realities.

Deanna's expansive experience in project management, business development, and academic prowess in Business Administration, Corporate Sustainability, and Women's Entrepreneurship shape the heart of our mission. But her expertise doesn’t stop there. As a seasoned corporate event planner, she enables our clients to accomplish powerful, growth-focused events with ease.

In a nutshell, think of LIHC Operations as your extended support team, combining industry expertise, academic wisdom, and event planning finesse. Under Deanna's nurturing leadership, we're right there with you in every step of your entrepreneurial journey, fostering an empowering, success-bound environment for women leaders.

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