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Quick Systems for tracking Customer Service Emails

Do you have a business that handles a large amount of customer service emails? Are some straight forward but others, not so simple to answer? Do you need a way to manage these emails that is efficient and keeps you on-top of things? This post is for YOU!

This is going to be a very DIRECT post. I want to give you some ACTIONABLE ideas that you can incorporate in your customer service process A.S.A.P!

Technique One: Folders

Yes, those good old fashioned folders in your email account. Create three new ones: 1) Red: Complications 2) Yellow: Pending 3) Green: Finished

As you begin to process through your customer service emails if you can quickly respond and send out a resolution do so and then move the email into the "Green: Finished" folder. If the subject requires more information, send a preliminary response so that the customer does not feel ignored and then move the email into the "Yellow: Pending" folder. Should the email present an complex yet pressing matter, respond immediately that you will be following up with them and place it into the "Red: Complications" folder.

Create a system within your team that identifies who handles emails at which level (folder) and be sure to also create a schedule for the frequency of which those emails are processed.

Customer Support Spreadsheets:

If you notice that technique one just doesn't work for you another measure that you could incorporate is a spreadsheet and ticket numbers.

Create a spreadsheet that collects some pretty basic information: Date, Customer Name, Issue, Status, Resolution, Assignment (who's responding to this customer), Notes. Be sure to also include a ticket number. Allow this spreadsheet to live on a cloud platform such as One Drive or Google Drive so that multiple people can edit it at the same time.

As emails pour in that are more complex or require more information be sure to assign them a ticket number in the initial response and then complete a line of the information above on the Customer Support Spreadsheet. Create a schedule that includes ROUTINELY checking this spreadsheet and assessing the status'.

This system is great for smaller companies that have a front liner who is able to answer the simpler emails but may need to do a hand off with more complex emails that require further communication and support. This also allows you to create a customer service stream that can quickly "triage" to determine the level of care and push customers to the next level when necessary (consider this spreadsheet the next level).

Customer Service Management Software:

If the issues your company receives from customers tend to be more complex, you have a larger internal team OR you process a VERY large volume of emails regularly you may want to consider using something more efficient such as a Service Management Software. This type of software completes many of the activities mentioned above yet also allows for automation, integration into other platforms and a more organized streamlining of processes.

The type of service management software you will incorporate changes based upon the industry that you are operating in and your company's' needs.

Two platforms that provide customer service management software are: ZenDesk and FreshDesk

If you feel none of these meets your needs or you're not quite sure how to get started and take the next steps it may be a good idea to schedule a free consult with us! We can help you assess where you currently are and devise a plan for moving forward.

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