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Quick Systems for tracking Customer Service Emails

Do you have a business that handles a large amount of customer service emails? Are some straight forward but others, not so simple to answer? Do you need a way to manage these emails that is efficient and keeps you on-top of things? This post is for YOU!

This is going to be a very DIRECT post. I want to give you some ACTIONABLE ideas that you can incorporate in your customer service process A.S.A.P!

Technique One: Folders

Yes, those good old fashioned folders in your email account. Create three new ones: 1) Red: Complications 2) Yellow: Pending 3) Green: Finished

As you begin to process through your customer service emails if you can quickly respond and send out a resolution do so and then move the email into the "Green: Finished" folder. If the subject requires more information, send a preliminary response so that the customer does not feel ignored and then move the email into the "Yellow: Pending" folder. Should the email present an complex yet pressing matter, respond immediately that you will be following up with them and place it into the "Red: Complications" folder.

Create a system within your team that identifies who handles emails at which level (folder) and be sure to also create a schedule for the frequency of which those emails are processed.

Customer Support Spreadsheets:

If you notice that technique one just doesn't work for you another measure that you could incorporate is a spreadsheet and ticket numbers.