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Branding: Mind Over Matter

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

When entrepreneurs reach out to me for advice with branding their top concerns are typically surrounding aesthetics OR their target market. They want to know how they can make their brand more appealing or how they can get the perfect audience viewing what it is that they have to offer.

My advice: figure out what's on your targets' mind.

Before delving into color palettes, fonts, logos, advertising rates, and Facebook impressions start by taking a deep dive into the psyche of the customer that you aim to attract.

For many consumers the choice to spend is either impulsive based on desire, out of necessity or a combination of both. But either way, there are definitely emotions at play in this fiscal decision making. And one of the core things that tugs on those emotional purse strings - is value.

Value can change a purchase from something "I think would be nice" to something "I would be a fool to let slip past me."

While picking the color scheme that will draw your customers in is DEFINITELY important... and while getting your brand in front of the right people makes all the difference, you want to be sure that your brand is compelling them to spend once you have their attention.

So, how do you do this??

Start by determining what your customers find most important and of high value.