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Milanote for the WIN?!! Software Review

Have you heard about Milanote?? No? Well no worries, I'm going to take you through a quick product review so that you can decide if this new tool is PERFECT for your business' toolkit.

What is Milanote:

Milanote is an organization software that uses the concept of boards (particularly mood boards) to help you organize creative projects.

Who owns Milanote:

Based in Australia, this company is owned by Brett Warren, Michael Trounce and Ollie Campbell

User Interface (UI): 5 STARS

Overall, the user-face interface is modern, clean and stylish. The vibe wasn't overwhelming and when paired with the functionality (below) its definitely a win.

Ease of Use: 5.0 STARS

I gave this software 5.0 stars because it is amazingly easy to use. The concept is pretty straight forward and the "click-and-drag" features make shifting and moving easy. If you've used other tools with similar purposes you can acclimate pretty simplistically.

Functionality: 4.5 STARS

The software functions beautifully. I moved in and out features and elements smoothly. The software features 5 to 6 main categories of templates (design, marketing, product management, start-ups, agencies) and within each of those categories there was a plethora of template options to choose from.

Keeping in mind that this software is for organizing creative projects, I was quite impressed with the amount of features they offer for organizing start ups. Their boards for building your lean canvas and value proposition were SPOT ON which isn't something you typically see in a software of this nature. The sales pipeline template was underdeveloped and even if it had been expanded on this is not the tool for that; a database with workflows will almost ALWAYS make more sense.

Things became a bit "relaxed" when it came to getting a higher view of an entire project that you may be working on there. Because of this, I consider this a great tool for organizing clusters of tasks, however, grouping these things together into one larger project and gaining a clear understanding of the overall status' will not be simple. You will still need to incorporate other software for this.

From a branding and design perspective, I was a little disappointed to see that they did not include hex codes especially considering the fact that most other software does (you will have to organize those outside and then add them in) .

Integrations: 3.0 STARS

Currently, I was unable to find any other software that this platform integrates with. However, based on the articles I was able to find, it appears that integrations are DEFINITELY on the horizon. So I am hopeful.

Responsiveness: 3.0 STARS

I was curious to know how quickly they respond to user requests for support and information. A few hours later and I've still not received a response. Incorporating more measures to engage with users along with more channels for communication would be awesome. I still give this a software a 3 star rating merely because of how easy it is to use and the amount of articles they offer.


Overall, this software is a BEAST. It's innovative in catering to organizing creatives and that's a great thing to have in your toolkit. I was absolutely IMPRESSED with the amount of diversity among the boards and even began implementing it with a clients' project that is currently underway.

I would DEFINITELY recommend this software to anyone who has an artistic/creative mindset looking for new ways to organize the work that they do.

To sign up for Milanote for FREE click this link: Sign Up For Milanote

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