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... Its all in their head

When I offer strategy sessions there are two big things most people say that they need help with: marketing and brand development. They want to market what they have to offer and build a brand that other people notice. They also don't want to be too "salesy" (Grammarly said salesy is not a word but I'm leaving it in because it fits lol.) My solution almost always starts the same way - if you want to sell value to someone get in their head to understand what THEY consider valuable. Being able to see your product or service from the perspective of the consumer is key! Knowing what they think, how they feel, what passion drives them to get up in the morning, and what fear keeps them awake at night - all of that is how you determine the way you position your value in your brand development and within your marketing efforts. As you grow your business you will learn tons of techniques and skills that help you to position and pivot your offer but thinking like your consumer - that skill will always be necessary. AND THIS is honestly how I build consumer profiles. Having demographics is nice, BUT it's not enough. And nor does it tell you WHO your consumer is. It gives you a cute little outline that may slightly shift your direction but ultimately, people are made up of much more than their statistical data. And you want to be aware of all of that too! Including psycho-graphics in your consumer profile is vital. Knowing their thoughts, patterns, behaviors, mindsets, interests, influences - ALL OF THAT - is how you position the value in your offer so that you can feel as if you SELL less and SERVE more. Quick exercise: today when you are writing a product/service description or creating a post ask your self two things 1)what do I want my audience to feel about my product 2) what does my audience need and want to FEEL about their solution. And then create a bridge between the two. Pro Tip: Create a list of feelings and action words that relate to your audience. Keep them nearby when you're writing for your business. Spice up your communications (emails, product description, copy, post captions) with these. For example, if you offer fashion items your list may include things like glamorous, stylish, luxurious, appealing, attractive, charming, etc. These are persuasive and engaging words that trigger us to think and fe

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