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Four Reasons Why You Need a Business Plan

When you're starting a business nothing sounds more official than "here's my business plan."

Something about the sound of those two words put together says "professional" and "prepared."

However, there are many businesses that have operated for years without one.

Often times, reluctant business owners find the planning process itself daunting and overwhelming; they would much rather operate with the notes they've jotted down on legal pads and the strategies they hold in the most sacred of places... their memory.

Today, we are going to discuss four reasons why you SHOULD have a business plan.

Reason One: "Its a Blueprint to Your Success."

Somewhere in the history of wise sayings someone said one of the wisest sayings of them all - "success is not a destination."

What does this mean?

While most of us identify with wanting to be "successful" we tend to overlook the fact that success is merely a description of a state of being; its existence, however, must be defined by the person creating it.

Writing a business plan challenges you to define what success means to you and give it a solidified shape.