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Need a landing page for your new product or service?? We have just the thing for you.


The "Naija" landing page template is perfect for those of you who are looking to incorporate bright colors with an exotic feel. No matter what your business or industry this template makes its easy to launch your landing page and create your sales funnel without all the hassel or hesitation. 


How this works:

1) Purchase your landing page template

2) Accept the transfer email sent over by Wix

3) Customize the template to fit your needs


Thats it!! With a few simple steps you can have your landing page up and ready to convert new sales in less than a couple of hours!!

Naija Landing Page Template

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Inside you will receive a PDF with instructions on how to gain ownership of your landing page. Landing page templates are hosted via Wix. 

    This license covers commercial use of the landing EXCLUDING the resell of the landing page design or elements. 

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