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Business Plan & Model Development

Out with the old and in with the new! And that is exactly what LIH Consulting did when we redesigned the way that we think of and approach business plans. With an emphasis on creating living, breathing models that new businesses and nonprofits can live by daily, LIH Consulting combines aspects of traditional business plans with the strategy and elements of a business model.

Business Plan Development

Brand Development

Our brand development services are designed to help our clients understand the psychology behind branding through interactive workshops. Further, we work with clients one-on-one to build the elements of their brand including their brand board and logo options; in this dual approach we not only provide the foundation of design but further lay out a path for continued evolution.

Business Plan Development

Web Development

In the modern world of business and nonprofit management having a well-developed web presence is a great way for an organization to get their message out there while drawing their target market to them. For that reason, LIH Consulting dedicates itself to completing small web design projects for its' clients. For more information please be sure to schedule a consult.

Business Plan & Model Development

Business Plan & Model Development

Database Creation

Databases are an effective way to store information and automate processes. Here at LIH Consulting we help our clients research the market place to find an option that is right for them and in the event that one cannot be found, we move forward to design and create one for them. Through our database creation services we are ensuring that our clients not only start efficiently but have the tools to maintain that productivity for years to come.

Coaching for Creators

The founder of LIH Consulting, Deanna Marshall, has designed and launched a leadership coaching program entitled Coaching for Creators. This coaching series helps business owners, entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders and "creators" from all paths work One-on-One in a private virtual setting to define their vision and then gain the skills they need to complete their objectives on the path towards achieving it.

Corporate Events Management

Events are vital to the operational activity of many businesses and nonprofits. For that reason, LIH Consulting assists clients in designing, organizing and executing corporate events to include: Focus Groups, Board Meetings, Fundraising Events, Executive Retreats, Launch Events, Stakeholder Meetings, Receptions, Black Tie Events and more. For more information about our Corporate Event services please be sure to contact us directly at



Marketing Materials

Need assistance with generating professionally styled and branded marketing materials? We've got you covered.

Pitch Decks

Press Kits







Business Cards

Post Cards


Story Boards

Book Covers

and more...

Social Media Management

Social media is an AMAZING way to communicate with your current customer/client base while also reaching new prospects. BUT the process of creating content, posting, engaging-- it can be time-consuming and confusing. We take the guesswork out of social media management with our tiers of services. You decide how much support you need and when you need it and we take care of the rest. Want a weeks' worth of posts created? Maybe a month? 6 months? We're on it! Need us to step in and handle daily interactions? Of course, we can!



We offer hourly support to entrepreneurs and organizations in two ways:

1) Consulting Retainers

2)  Project Management

First, we meet with you to conduct a FREE strategy session determining what your needs are. Next, we define which services would best suit your vision and create a custom package that fits your needs and budget. These can include services like course creation, communications (telephone, email, etc.), event planning, interim service, and program management, business process management, business process optimization and more. 

Interested in our services?

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